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Mongolian Y chromosomes

Дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээллийгс

Interestingly, the only Caucasoid haplogroups present in the Mongolian population are J and R1a1, with R1a1 found in the highest frequency (83%) in the Khoton.

Gene (Article in press)

Genetic features of Mongolian ethnic groups revealed by Y-chromosomal analysis

Toru Katoh et al.


About 20 ethnic groups reside in Mongolia. On the basis of genetic and anthropological studies, it is believed that Mongolians have played a pivotal role in the peopling of Central and East Asia. However, the genetic relationships among these ethnic groups have remained obscure, as have their detailed relationships with adjacent populations. We analyzed 16 binary and 17 STR polymorphisms of human Y chromosome in 669 individuals from nine populations, including four indigenous ethnic groups in Mongolia (Khalkh, Uriankhai, Zakhchin, and Khoton). Among these four Mongolian populations, the Khalkh, Uriankhai, and Zakhchin populations showed relatively close genetic affinities to each other and to Siberian populations, while the Khoton population showed a closer relationship to Central Asian populations than to even the other Mongolian populations. These findings suggest that the major Mongolian ethnic groups have a close genetic affinity to populations in northern East Asia, although the genetic link between Mongolia and Central Asia is not negligible.
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